Peer Counseling

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Welcome Statement

Peer Counseling is a program open to all junior and senior members of the High School Regional High School community as well as staff and adminstration. We meet together as a group to learn about human relationships, improve leadership and communication skills..


Juniors and Seniors - If you are interested in being a Peer Counselor and helping with freshmen orientation on Wednesday, Sept 4th, please contact

Meeting Overview

Peer Counseling Mtgs 5:30 pm
Wednesday, Sept 18
Thursday, Oct 17
Tuesday, Nov 12
Wednesday, Dec 11
Thursday, Jan 16
Tuesday, Feb 11
Wednesday, Mar 19
Wednesday, Apr 16
Tuesday, May 13


-Discover a better understanding of ourselves and others
- Reach out to others with caring and compassion
- Learn respect for the individual
- Improve leadership and communication skills - Foster better relationships
- Contribute to a positive environment within our school community