2018 High Point Yearbook Senior Ads

Senior Ads may be submitted by mail or through email this year.

2018 Senior Ads:

- Submission Deadline: Monday, December 3, 2017

- Proofs will be emailed by: Monday, January 8, 2018

- Proof revision deadline: Monday, January 29, 2018

Senior Ad Form


By Mail

If you would like to submit your ad via mail, please print out the form linked above and mail it in with your materials and your payment. Note: Please do not send in original copies of any photo that you value. Please scan and make a copy.

Via Email

To send in your materials via email, create a folder on your desktop to save your digital files. Collect digital files of the images that you wish to include and save them into the newly created folder. Type your message into a word processor and save it into your folder.

Directions: Read through and follow the steps.

If you have questions, please email yearbook@hpregional.org.