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Welcome Statement

Welcome students, parents and fellow teachers. This site was created to aid students in completing their work for my classes. I hope that everyone will gain a better understanding of science throughout the year and enjoy learning a little about the world around us. The materials have been put together from various sources. Schedules are subject to change.

The Teacher

My name is Liana Hennings, and I have taught at High Point Regional High School since 2004. I have taught various levels of Biology, Environmental Science and Forensics. I graduated from The College of New Jersey with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology Education. I have a Master's of Education focusing on Integrating Technology into the Classroom. I am also certified to teach students with disabilities. My hobbies include: reading, watching movies, sewing, and photography (I have taken all of the photos on these pages or am in the picture). I love to travel and hope to use my summers to visit different places around the world.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that the main goal of public education is to provide students with the skills needed to find a career and make good choices as adults. This means that it is the teacher's job to create a positive learning environment for students. In my eyes, the first step in making this environment is to make it very apparent to the students that I care about them as individuals and that I want to help them succeed in my science classroom. I believe that learning about the students and their interests both academic or extracurricular illustrates to them that you care. When a student knows how the class is going to be run, they can center their attention on their role, which is to try to learn the skills taught to them. To begin a successful year, a classroom must have clear procedures. Students need to understand what is expected of them through understandable instructions. They have to want to complete the assignment, whether through intrinsic or extrinsic motivation. These days, students also need to have fun. Teachers must compete with many forms of entertainment that are at the students' fingertips. Lessons must be complex and interactive in order to maintain their interest and work them towards higher levels of processing. However, in order to attain these goals, students must first feel safe in our classroom and that is the main goal of discipline.